Friday, 27 March 2015

John Cleland's Open Letter to SACC Clubs and Members

Since my appointment as President of the Scottish Association of Car Clubs in September 2014 a lot has happened not all of it immediately obvious to an onlooker.
My stated aim was to help make Scottish motorsport, its clubs and all the officials a lot more joined up with a clear strategy for the future.

Monday, 23 March 2015

SACC and the Future of Stage Rallying

If you follow any of the social media channels, it seems that everyone and their dog have a view on the future of forest stage rallying. A common thread is

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The view from Castle Bunnet: SACC AGM

The original of this report, and a lot more besides,  by John Fife is at

18 Mar: SACC AGM and Meeting

… Bunfight at Bridge of Allan … This is going to upset a few folk. So be it …
The Scottish Association of Car Clubs held their AGM and regular meeting last night in central Scotland. For the first two hours it was like watching the slow death of a kid’s favourite R/C car with a set of cheap rechargeables running on their last spark. No wonder that many of Scotland’s 50+ car clubs don’t bother to turn up to such meetings.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The view from Castle Bunnet: Safety Review - Act Now!

The original of this report, and a lot of other good rants by John Fife, is at 

Written  by   jaggybunnet   on   March 12, 2015 … 

John Cleland (President of the SACC) and John Fife (Press) were invited to a meeting yesterday (11th March) at the Scottish Government’s offices in Leith. It was enlightening, positive and upbeat. It was also decidedly scary! … Be fearful, be very fearful … 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Marshals Training March/April/May 2015

SMRC Race Marshals training day at Knockhill 29/3/2015 , 8.15 sign-on for 9.00 start.   Anyone interested should contact Chief Marshal, Jim Redpath, at  to register as spaces are limited.  

SDMC Rally Marshals training day at Grampian Transport Museum, Alford, AB33 8AE.   For full programme, registration form and contact detail, see the Training page .   

Jim Clark Rally Marshals training day Kelso Showground on Saturday 30th May, the day before the Reivers. Details TBC.