Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Scottish Training Calendar 2018

We have a training programme for marshals and officials of all levels of experience, from complete novice to guru level, and the courses are all free, and run by qualified instructors licensed by the MSA.  See the full calendar below ...

Friday, 16 February 2018

Competitor Guidance - Fire Extinguisher Regulations

The MSA have published Competitor Guidance to clarify the changes in extinguisher regulations, as referred to in our February Update posting.

The very short version is that existing non-homologated extinguishers must be serviced every 24 months, or sooner if specified by the manufacturer, but there is more to it than that if you have FIA homologated extinguishers, and you will all need FIA extinguishers by 2021.

You can find the full guidance document with other scrutineering documents on the Scottish Association website

Thursday, 8 February 2018

February News Update

The first month of 2018 is now past. Social media feeds tell me that many of your clubs are having your award events and this is a great reminder that for many of us, the joy is in competition. But it is also an opportunity to recognise the many other people without whom the competitive and social events would not happen. Well done to everyone.

My own diary of 2018 events has already begun with a couple of meetings in January. I was also at Knockill for the SMS Academy day. A highlight of the day was a visit from Aileen Campbell, Scottish Government minister for Sport and Health. This was an excellent opportunity to highlight the work of the SMS team and for wide ranging discussions about motorsport and will hopefully put our sport in a good light at Holyrood.

On the topic of the Scottish Government, I know that many of you are keen to see progress towards the closed road legislation being adopted in Scotland following the recent approval in Wales of the Westminster Act passed last year. What I can say is that this is very much at the top of the agenda of the MSA and every effort is being made to move this forward as soon as possible.