Tuesday, 31 March 2020

sportscotland and SMS statement

23rd March 2020
Mr Peter Weall
Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs

Dear Peter

I wanted to provide a clear update to you and your associate clubs on how sportscotland, as
the national agency for sport, is investing in motorsport in Scotland.

Over the past six years, we have chosen to invest in Scottish Motor Sports (SMS). SMS is a
strategic partnership between Motorsport UK and Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU). Our
investment has always been for the development of grassroots two- and four-wheel

As sportscotland only invests in Scottish governing bodies of sport, the investment has been
administered through SACU, who in turn have ‘hosted’ the development posts on behalf of
the partnership.

Towards the end of 2019, Motorsport UK indicated a desire to submit a separate investment
application to sportscotland with a view to delivering their own strategy for four-wheel
motorsport. Motorsport UK were keen to stress that they valued the impact of the SMS
project, but it ultimately no longer reflected their long-term vision. SACU indicated that even
though the partnership with Motorsport UK would no longer continue, they would also seek
investment to continue the development of their own sport.

Both Motorsport UK and SACU presented their respective strategies at a review meeting with
sportscotland, and subsequently a decision was made by senior management, ratified by the
board, that sportscotland would only look at an investment application from SACU for
2020/21. This would safeguard both development jobs until 2021 and would also give some
time to establish what the future of motor sports development in Scotland would look like.
In practical terms, that means that neither the National Development Manager or National
Development Officer will be employed to work directly with four-wheel motorsport clubs as of
April 1st 2020.

sportscotland is committed to meeting with Motorsport UK to identify whether there would be
future opportunities for investment.

sportscotland invest in both the Active Schools and Community Sport Hub networks, and I
would recommend that you contact your appropriate local officers should you wish to seek
any further sports development assistance. Information on local networks can be found via
the sportscotland website. Alternatively, I am aware that Motorsport UK are in discussions
about how to support clubs in the short term.
Kind regards

Kevin Ferguson
Partnership Manager