Friday, 14 February 2020

SAMSC Scottish Navigational Rally Championship

The 2020 Scottish Navigational Rally Championship (SNRC) is ready to go, and the first round will be on the evening of 22nd/23rd February 2020. 

The John Robson Rally (Interclub) and its associated Trophy Rally (Clubman) is a new event in the Championship and will, I suspect, be quite different to what you are used to.  It is organised by Hexham & District Motor Club who are based in the North of England for a start!  I suspect the format will be similar to the greatly missed Aquarius Rally that formed part of the Championship until last year.  The event also promises to allow you to compete against a much larger entry than we are currently experiencing in Scottish events - last year it had over 40 crews competing.

Championship Events

Rally & Club
Date & Location
John Robson Rally
Hexham & District Motor Club
22/23 February
North of England
Jonathon Webb
07929 229413
Moonless Rally
21 March
Colin Wallace
07443 573155
04 April South Aberdeenshire
Dave MacKintosh
01224 784780
March Hare Rally
09 May
NE Scotland
Autumn Rally
Highland Car Club
22 August
26 September
West Aberdeenshire
Gerry Potter
01651 806862
BoontreeBirl Rally
750 Motor Club Scotland
05 December
Charlie Brown
07803 296592

Regulations for the 2020 Championship, the John Robson Rally and the second round - Saltire Rally Club's Moonless Rally in Perthshire on 21st March - can found in the Downloads section of the SAMSC Navigational Rally page.