Thursday, 29 March 2018

Bathgate no more, Linwood no more, Methil no more, SACC no more

At the AGM on 20th March the Scottish Association of Car Clubs, aka SACC, voted to change its name to the Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs, or SAMSC.

The web address has changed to and email addresses have changed to match, e.g. becomes
The old addresses will keep working for a few months, but you should start using the new ones now.

Why did we do it? I hear you ask.

Partly because of confusion with "City Car Clubs", which you join instead of buying a car of your own. You book online, pick up a car from a reserved parking bay, and after you have done your shopping and visited Granny you return it there for somebody else to pick up a little later.  We had people offering to service our fleet, dispose of our used oil, or hire our cars.

"The reason for the proposed change is to add clarity to the objectives of the Association by reinforcing the emphasis on the competitive sporting aspects of the Association and its member clubs.

The momentum leading to the change has gathered pace with the ongoing success of the Scottish Motor Sport (SMS) project and the direct involvement of this Association with other sports governing bodies through our membership of the Scottish Sports Association (SSA) and directly with SportScotland.

While the role of the Association is not limited to competitive sport and the events organised by the member clubs do not all involve competition, there have been occasions recently when the name of the Association has led to some confusion. In particular the increasing prominence of marque based car clubs (classic and others) and also the burgeoning ‘street scene’ car gatherings has led the executive to think the change will be beneficial. In summary, we think that the term ‘car clubs’ does not best reflect the aims and objectives of this Association and feel strongly that replacing this with ‘motor sport clubs’ will bring clarity and will better allow the Association the promote the activities of all member clubs."