Saturday, 11 April 2015

Stravaiger's Lodge Rally time Trial

Welcome back to the Highland Car Club, Stravaigers Lodge, Rally Time Trial.

We are heading back to Inchnacardoch forest and the usual paddock, whilst revisiting the original stage that loops the paddock last used in 2012. This gives us an increased mileage to just under two miles of stage and for a very low price of £199.

As always the villagers of Fort Augustus are ready to welcome us so please make a weekend of it and see what the village has to offer. There are special rates for accommodation at Stravaiger’s Lodge to help and this can be arranged with Michelle Falconer. Details at the end of the regs.

Reay Mackay of Stravaiger’s Lodge, Cumberland’s Campsite and MacKay’s Bar & Restaurant has returned as main sponsor for the event and we are grateful to have such enthusiastic support.
Without the permission and help of Alastair Smyth and all his colleagues of the Fort Augustus district office of Forestry Commission - Scotland , the event could not take place and I am grateful for all his assistance.

We look forward to welcoming you to Fort Augustus on 9th May for the Stravaiger’s Lodge Gravel Sprint and hope you have a
great weekends sport.

Andy Straube
Clerk of the Course

Regs can be downloaded from the SACC Rally Time Trial page