Monday, 9 November 2020

Social Media Marketing webinars for clubs - starting this Tuesday 10 November at 19:00

Tuesday 10th November at 19:00, we have the first of our Monthly Marketing Show webinars in association with ContentCal.

Clubs are always looking for ways in which they can raise awareness of their activities and attract new members, particularly younger ones. It is a fact that social media is now the most effective way of achieving this.

However, simply putting posts on your Facebook page is only the starting point - in order to widen the reach of your social media output you need to utilise many more of the tools at your disposal. The good news is that many of these are free.


This series of webinars will teach you how to use these tools effectively, how to put together a content plan, and some simple techniques for reaching interested audiences that may currently be outside of your club's engagement methods.


To register, please go to the Club Webinars page on our website here:





Ian Berry

Head of Sport Promotion




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